Z-Bolt® Products For 2018
Unit Enhancement Kits - EOF
Company; Battalion; Brigade

Escalation of Force - Hail & Warn
Outfit ALL Platoon & Squad Leaders

The Z-Bolt® BTG-10G Green Laser simplifies tactical operations and provides an indispensable tool for cross-cultural, multi-lingual communication with Allied and Indigenous Forces - providing precise non-verbal comms for tactical teams - an improved state of situational awareness. Field Reports and recent theater deployments indicate the following:

Uses and Capabilities - Visual Comm to EOD Tech - Illuminate Suspected IED; Mark potential IED from Safe Distance for Robot or Dog Inspection; EOF - Checkpoint - Vehicle Driver Attention; Mark Targets and Concentrate Fire; Cordons & Route Clearance Patrols [RCP]; Allow / Deny Access to Entry Control Points [ECP] & Traffic Control Points [TCP]; Illuminate Trip Wires; Guard House Signaling - Fence Line Incursions; Base Security Visual Comm - Guard & Perimeter Patrol.

Escalation of Force Kits - MSRP Prices

IR Lasers for Rotary Wing Aviation
Safe, Precise, Non-Verbal Comms

MARK-1ir / Training & Signaling
MARK-4ir / Marking & Gun Mounting

1mW & 4mW Infrared Lasers

Rotary aircraft crews require laser technology that can be safely used in training environments and in laser safety restricted air spaces and/or live fire exercises. They need a capability that provides for safe, precise, visual, and non-verbal communication between pilots and crew; between crew and ground support; to mark LZ's; for signaling & "target talk on"; to point out obstacles, terrain features, or even aircraft rotors to insure obstacle clearance. We are matching mission and training tasks to the appropriate laser capability & power output. Crews require "eye safe" power outputs; portability, ease of use, economic pricing; either weapons mounted or hand-held by crews, gunners, and pilots; laser use through closed door windows (rubber hood in development - see .pdf).

IR Lasers for Rotary Wing Aircraft - Powerpoint [PDF]

Multi-Function Green & Infrared
Trip Wire Illuminators - EOD & EOF

Z-Bolt® C-TRIP-10G Green Dot & Line Laser is Standard Kit for US Navy EOD, FBI, Australian Spec Ops, Army EOD

Deployed in the operational forces since 2012. EOD techs use to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires. The C-TRIP-10G projects a brilliant Green Laser Line. A 60 degree fan which projects a 15' line @ 15'. Easily scan doorways, halls or stair wells with one pass. Use the new dot & beam function for precise, non-verbal communication, command & control; mark targets or potential IED or bomb locations; issue tactical comms; signal non-lethal intent to civilians, etc. Also available in the IR variant, C-TRIP-10ir.

532nm Green Dot & Line Laser . . . . 830nm Infrared Dot & Line Laser

Z-Bolt® has received and receives direct input from field commands in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan. These recommendations, requests, and letters of thanks play an important role in the present and future development of Z-Bolt Laser Products & Systems.


EOD Dot & Line Trip Wire Illuminators

Z-Bolt® Dot & Line Lasers for Trip Wire Illumination & Detection; Tactical Communication; Crowd Control; IED Designation. Hybrid Green or Infrared; use hand held or weapons mount with M4 rail accessories & cable switches. Standard Kit for Navy EOD, FBI, Army EOD, Australian Special Forces, among others . . . Field deployed in theater since 2007.

Tested & Certified by the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators.

Trip Wire Detection - New Hampshire State Police



SGT - Aviation Operations Specialist, 3 HBCT, 1st CAV

“During my tour in Afghanistan, I worked as the night shift brigade aviation NCOIC. Before our FOB received an ATC complement, I used my [BTG-10G] green laser to mark the LZ for aircraft new to the AO. In addition our FO’s used them to mark areas while conducting operations in and around the battle space. In addition, I plan on using the BTG-10G to mark Non-Standard LZ’s on my next deployment.”

SFC - 3rd BN 20th SFG (A)

“My team and I identified and avoided 3 tripwire IED’s on our last rotation to AFG, at night, and our NVG’s didn’t “see” them.

The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP-10ir did.”

IRAQ . . .

SSG – Australian Army, CIED-TT

"I was deployed in Iraq serving in a Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Training Team (CIED-TT). In my job I get to work with all of the US Armed Forces, and a few times we had personnel on our courses using the Z-Bolt® BTG-10G Green Laser and the product has been used in target designation of the Explosive Devices with great success."

39th BEB, 2 BCT, 101st ABN, (French LNO, Monsabert)

“I am currently located at Camp Monsabert. a small French outpost between Fallujah and Baghdad, Iraq. I work with 60s & 47s and control the HLZ. I use the BTG-10G for simplified communication with the French Soldiers and Helicopters. It has been a vital tool for crossing the language barrier.”

Field Reports - Iraq & Afghanistan