Laser Mounting Hardware / Cable Switches

Quick Detach LRM-1 for 1913 Rails, Tripod Mounting Accessories

1" Laser Rail Mount Kit [LRM-KIT]
For Lasers with 1" Knurled Tubes

The LRM-KIT includes a 1" Offset Mount for 1913 Picatinny rails and 6" remote cable switch for weapons mounting. Quick release lever for easy attachment and release of laser unit. Offset design provides multiple options for rail positioning. Remote cable switch includes power lockout function.

Compatible Z-Bolt®Lasers Include:

Dot & Beam Lasers:

BTG-10R (Red Dot)
BTG-10-BL (Blue Dot)
BTG-10ir (Infrared Dot)
BTG-10G (Green Dot & Beam)
BTG-10G-ADJ (Adjustable Zero - Green Dot & Beam)

Line Lasers & Hybrid Function:

C-TRIP (Green Laser Line Generator)
C-TRIP-IR (Infrared Laser Line Generator)
C-TRIP-10G (Green Dot & Line Laser)
C-TRIP-10ir (Infrared Dot & Line Laser)

Tripod Mounting Accessories

Laser Rail Mount [LRM-1] sold separately. LRM-1 Laser Mount interfaces with all Z-Bolt Tactical and Trip Wire Models, both standard and knurled tubes. Mounts to tripod with TRM-1 accessory.

Tripod Rail Mount [TRM-1] sold separately. Includes a 1/4-20 tap for easy attachment to tripod mount equipment and devices.

Field Reports - Important Notices

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RCS-10, 6" Remote Cable Switch $35
TRM-1, 1913 Tripod Rail Mount, Picatinny Interface $75
LRM-1, 1" Offset Laser Rail Mount, Quick Release Lever $95
LRM-KIT, 1" Laser Rail Mount & 6" Cable Switch $125
  • 1" Laser Rail Mount Kit [LRM-KIT]

    1" Offset Laser Rail Mount
    6" Remote Cable Switch

  • Tripod Laser Mount Kit [TRI-MOUNT]

    1 pc Laser Mount Clamp
    1 pc Tripod Rail Mount

  • Compatible Lasers [LRM-KIT] -
    [1" Knurled Tube Variants]

    BTG-10G (Green Dot)
    BTG-10ir (Infrared Dot)
    BTG-10R (Red Dot)
    BTG-10-BL (Blue Dot)
    BTG-10G-ADJ (Adjustable Green Dot)

    C-TRIP (Green Line)
    C-TRIP-IR (Infrared Line)
    C-TRIP-10G (Green Dot & Line)
    C-TRIP-10ir (Infrared Dot & Line)

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