Z-Bolt® Laser Devices -
Export Control Classifications

Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers and Trip Wire Illuminators are configured for military applications, but ARE NOT regulated by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations [ITAR]. Beam of Light Technologies, Inc. has pursued formal commodity jurisdiction determinations (CJ) with the Department of State for all Z-Bolt® Military Laser Products. Results were uniformly positive - export sales are approved to all NATO and Allied nations. (South Korea, Japan, Australia, Israel, etc) All exports of Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers and/or Trip Wire Illuminators are therefore subject to the licensing authority of the US Department of Commerce [EAR99].

Please see below for formal responses and jurisdiction determinations by the Department of State and US Department of Commerce. Contact John Mueller to confirm that your location/country is on the approved Commerce export control list:

Green Laser Devices

C-TRIP Green Laser Line Generator

C-TRIP-10G Green Dot & Line Laser

BTG-10G, BTG-10G-ADJ Green Dot & Beam Laser

Infrared Laser Devices

MARK-1ir Infrared Dot Laser

MARK-4ir Infrared Dot & Beam Laser

C-TRIP-IR Infrared Laser Line Generator

C-TRIP-10ir Infrared Dot & Line Laser

Military Images

Courtesy Department of Defense. The display of DOD images on this website by no means suggests or implies endorsement by DOD or any branch of the United States Military of products offered by Z-Bolt®. The images are displayed in the spirit of promoting military service.


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